As a competent partner we are able to design "ready to use" overall solutions for your cold gas applications, to implement them on schedule and to deliver them in accordance with agreed upon conditions.

Our Turnkey-solutions, which we develop and realize in close cooperation with our partners in the thermal spraying industry, range from consulting to the selection and installation of products and systems up to the commissioning, documentation and maintenance of the systems.

Coating development / Engineering

Coating development

Our extensive experiences in dealing with very different spraying materials enable us to realize appropriate coating developments.

Depending on the application, the appropriate process parameters will be developed systematically and optimized to full satisfaction of the customer.

Simulation / Programming


With our specially developed software we are able to simulate and to automate the complete process in computer aided systems.

Our CAD / CAM robot programming makes it possible to configure any spray cell and thus to develop an optimal programming strategy.



In addition to our spraying operation, we have established our in-house materials science laboratory.

Apart from the coating developments and optimization, we realize - by customer order - metallographic preparation, microhardness and tensile tests (TCT, Woehler curve, adhesion tensile tests, shear tests) according to established standards.

Powder and component sales

Powder and component sales

The use of high quality powders is the precondition for high quality cold gas coatings. Therefore, before being used, we qualify powders to ensure that the coating qualities stay reproducible. In addition, we offer these powders for sale for users of the cold gas technology.

Based on our experiences with cold gas processes, we continuously develop additional components to support the users of the cold gas technology.