Impact Innovations GmbH - your partner for cold spray and engineering

Production capacity / Range of services

  • 1x Alzmetall GS1000/5-FDT 5-axis-processing centre
    • Travel: X 800mm, Y 800mm, Z 600mm
    • 126 tool stations

  • 1x Deckel FP4CC/T 4-axis-CNC-universal milling machine
    • Travel: X 600mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm
    • 40 tool stations

  • 1x Böhringer VDF180Cte CNC-lathe
    • Travel: ∅ 250mm, Z 1000mm
    • 12 tool stations

  • 1x Zimmer+Kreim PEC850 Die Sinking EDM
    • Travel: X 350mm, Y 250mm, Z 310mm
    • Max. component size 570mm x 400mm x 280mm

  • 1x conventional milling machine
    • Travel: X 340mm, Y 250mm, Z 280mm

  • 1x conventional lathe
    • Travel: ∅ 400mm, Z 1300mm

  • 1x Berg+Schmid GBS 310/400 VA-I CNC fully automatic mitre band saw
    • Max. component size:
      round ∅ 310mm
      square 280mm x 280mm
      rectangular 400mm x 250mm

  • 1x G+F Drill 20 Hole Drilling EDM
    • Travel: X 300mm; Y 200mm, Z 300mm
    • Max. component size: 700mm x 450mm x 400mm

  • 1x Agie Classic V3 Wire EDM
    • Travel: X 500mm; Y 350mm, Z 426mm
    • Max. component size: 1050mm x 650mm x 420mm

     Additional production possibilities:
  • 1x box column drill
  • 1x welding workstation
  • Seperate assembly area: installation of assemblies and special machines